Oct 12, 2018 - On services.

I’m not really a fan of services, that is classes in your code base which are named something service. While I’m happy to admit that sometimes they do have a place much of the time when I see a class named something service, it has usually served as a dumping ground for business logic which someone couldn’t find a better place for. I too have fallen into this trap, so spurred on by a twitter thread posted in response to this article by Frederick Vanbrabant I decided to write up a few thoughts.

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Sep 5, 2018 - Paying for speaker expenses

This is a subject which comes up a lot. Should conferences be expected to pay for the expenses of their speakers? There are a lot of reasons that conferences give for not doing so, in this post I will explore some of these reasons and present my perspective from both the speaking side and organisation side as to why they are not good enough.

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May 15, 2018 - Dumb home automation

The internet of things is becoming common place, with a lot of people putting “smart” devices from google or apple in their homes to allow voice control of media systems, heating and lighting. Most of them also allow you to control these devices from a phone app when you are away from home.However there are a growing number of concerns with these devices:

  • Are they secure?
  • What are they doing with my personal information?
  • What happens if the company providing them goes out of business or decides to stop supporting them?

In this post, I’m going to go into some details about my own dumb home projects which avoid using the most popular products on the market and instead opt for less well known devices to try and solve the concerns above.

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