Jul 25, 2016 - Writing defect free code

Defects in software are costly, some more so than others, so it is not surprising that TDD and BDD are becoming almost a standard part of software development. TDD and BDD are not the only ways to prevent defects in software - good object oriented code will also help reduce the rate of defects.

This post is intended as a set of guidelines (not rules) which I have adopted over the past few years to write code which has a low rate of defects, is easy for others to peer review and above all tries not to set traps and gotchas for the next developer who has to work with the code.

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Jul 22, 2016 - This is a story all about how I learned to stop returning $this

For a long time, I like many other developers was in the habit of returning this from any method that didn’t need to return anything eg setters. I have stopped doing this and this is why.

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Dec 21, 2015 - The 6 rules of password storage

This post is a quick writeup of the reasons behind password storage techniques, so I can refer to it instead of explaining a fresh every time. It is intended to be simple and easy so there is no excuse for not reading or understanding it.

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